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“Music and the word are my first love!” LWC

Music is his first love, simply meaning there’s an exciting story behind the acclaimed man Loveworldchild, while his music is surely interesting to have listen to especially the marvelous sounding songs such as – Jinglebells with Tinkerbell, I said she said, Running around, Heroes will never die, Just fly away, Babe my love, Who’s your daddy (show them) Lord to sing you songs, Kamehamii (coming for you – DragonBallz inspired). His intake remix on Michael Jackson song The way you make me feel (Dubbii babe the way you make me feel – listen on SoundCloud) is a big leap in re-revolutioning a great legendary song such as that. Although this may seem good news, there’s bad news too, most of his songs instrumentals are simply downloaded online and he came up with great lyrics to accompany them, but however these songs are  unacceptable for marketing as the rights for use were not granted.

His best he went to studio, paid and worked out are the ones in bold letters from one’s mentioned above.

So why is he not so much known if his music is great???

Besides his songs not granted right for instrumental use, which he can’t sell. And with the covid, it’s tough. Imagine to have to use a low end phone as your music creating platform. To have accomplished writing lost and to keep on rewriting, to have things stolen from time to time and having to replace them, to want to save, but the money you’re earning isn’t coming enough and you salary never changes while prices do.

To have a family you’d love so much to help but failing, to have a career, a vision, a goal high than some mountains and love to be of good great charitable cause. To have a masterplan and armed with endless incoming songs, ideas, visions, things to write and wanting so much to accomplish.

It feels like restrained by not having enough money and some paperwork missing and all coming to money to get it done and the bank won’t loan.

A laptop to stay online interacting and working with people on music, there’s a book that was once accepted for publishing by Dorrance publishing house in UK and failed to do so due lack of funds. For my music to be heard with a large online audience I need to pay premiums. It may seem i am somewhat of a complaining guy, but really I believe I can do more with some charity funds, for my work surprises me sometimes, it’s unbelievably great.

Current situation!

Currently homeless Artist musician and writer with about more than 30 songs you can listen to online on Amazon, Spotify, Apple itunes, N1music, SoundCloud and YouTube. Ephraim Chaparadza A.K.A Loveworldchild is a Zimbabwean born artist with more than 8 years staying in South Africa (Pretoria and Cape Town) and the misfortune to have found himself in the streets again, is due to the covid pandemic.
In 2007 is when he came off the streets, with a job and has never had problems with getting work after working at Alexander bar & Cafe and Tashas VnA Waterfront where he attained skills and experiences, from being a runner, her became a barman. Drastically eager and excited to have overcame the streets and looking forward to get his music and word heard. He worked at Spier (8/Eighty restaurant), at Rhapsody in Greenpoint, he worked at Cafe Extrablat just a block away from used to be Rhapsody, he worked at What was Maggie’s Cafe just few blocks away from Cafe Extrablat, he went on further and worked in Food lovers market, at Mwanzoleo in Bantry Bay, at Tigers milk in Gardens, he worked at Rocomamas in Cape Town opposite police station, worked at Wemberly Square at what was Rua restauant and in Century City at Soundbeat, then his last work was at Spar Century village where he got dismissed for drinking espresso and a week later, the covid thing began.
Loveworldchild worked about 12 or more workplaces ever since he left the streets.

Why not stick at one place? The excitement of working at a new place, meeting new people and hope to create fans amongst fellow workers and customers was the driving force.

Contact and more info.

Name & Surname: Ephraim Chaparadza A.K.A Loveworldchild <> Address: Currently homeless <> Email: or <> Mobile 0672796841

Support (Funds or Donations)

Contact and Ewallet Number: 0672796841 or buy his music online on either Amazon, Spotify, Apple, iTunes or Deezer.

Bank detail: (currently none but can request someone else I trust and been very helpful).


Love Art, Creating, Renewing & Revolution

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Singing a song
Sleeping under bush on cardboard

I have a blog at I used to write of my ongoing life in the streets but stopped writing after a while due repeatedly loosing phones with my writings. Besides having to recall what I had written and rewrite it down, thanks to applications such as Evernote, WordPress, Facebook and the likes. I’ve always had some of my writings backed up this way.
Having overcame the streets the 1st time I came out working and having had saved I got myself renting a room in Kensington. And from being a runner, I became a bartender making cocktails, coffee and the likes. From Alexander bar and Cafe I worked several other hospitality industry work places mentioned on (previous pages) till my last job at Spar Century Village where I got dismissed for drinking espresso and a week after that, the covid began.
For almost eight months he stayed not paying rent as he could only get piece jobs and the earning were not enough as he hardly could pay electricity and waterbills and so, eventually he lost the place and found himself back in the streets of Tokai and Constantia. After several days in the streets, he became a friend with some of the workers at Shell garage and was greatly helped, and someone referred him to Wynberg shelter
Staying at the shelter or any place having a roof over head, food, water and a Tele without contributing anything wasn’t an easy life for him. After doing his best to look for work, and almost being told that some of the workers were home and it wasn’t busy in every workplace. And failing to pay his shelter fee, Ephraim left and found himself in the streets along Table View.
In Tableview: It’s been a week and few days since he left the shelter. He’d find himself sleeping under a bush tree in some bush close to some resident wall. He’d made his bedding and roofing from cardboard boxes, and have written his details about his music finally on Amazon, Spotify, Apple, Itunes, with blog links.
Recent bad and good incidents.

On marketing his music with details on the cardboard, by having it displayed by a walking path or sometimes he takes the board and walks by cars asking them to take a photo and get to view and listen when they have the chance. This way, he gets also some money from time to time to get him food.

Advertising board/card

On Thursday, the….. January, he got himself tankled into a fight by the beach. It happened, that while he was reading, he heard the sound of his advertising board, as if the wind is taking it off by force from the two stones he’d laid on, when he stood up to look, he saw a ragging guy. The guy had taken his board and was walking off by the beach parking as if to throw the board into the green been close by him.
He walked to him and tried to talk, but the guy was all cursing and swearing that “That it’s his place, and I am messing it!” He threw the board away, he took it back and walked to the shore where he was seating, but the guy would not leave him.
The guy came and was wrestling with him as to take the board away. The guy smacked him across the neck and them it all started. He remembers wrestling with him on the sand with shells, stones and rocks and both were without shirts. When the fight came to an end after some people close by intervened, Ephraim had a bruise on the shoulder, the side of his head, down the lower lip and had taken a bite by the armpit on the muscle, Ephraim testifies having been the first to have biten the guy somewhere on the face, and had hit him on the face with a stone.
They were a couple of ladies who got to be helpful on Ephraim case, after all they had seen almost everything.

[01/25)] Around – 11:33 Pm.

Ephraim: I was sleeping, my phone touch was on.. I don’t know if the light could be seen from afar the road. So I saw a flashlight flashing where I was sleeping, you see Toni in the streets anything can happen, I wasn’t aware that they are security. So I turned off my phone, but latter on I saw the flashing light, flashing by the shrub I was sleeping and I thought someone was about to attack me.. I banged away the board I place by the entrance with a knife… And that’s when I realized that they are security, he told me to put my things done which I did, and was telling his partner that I had a knife…. I quickly explained to them that I thought someone was about to attack me, they went on saying I should sit down, I sat, but stood again.

Ephraim: that’s when he kicked me in the head with his boot as if he’s doing some wrestling thing, he told me to sit n I did again, but was complaining that he had no right to kick me and he was saying bcoz I wanted to stab his friend..
I explained to them again that, I’m homeless and I thought someone was about to attack me, but they had their version of the story, so I ran I away from them to that gate just opposite across the road where you dropped the day of that last incident… There I was banging on the gate calling help that police shld be called,
They followed me there, the one who’d kicked me help me as if to choke me on the neck as I was screaming on top of my voice
One of the elder security drive by latter on and he was understanding unlike the two who had harrased me. So they took my knife even though I tried to explain its for self defence, n told me to sleep only for this night and should sleep elsewhere.

The following day, I wasn’t sure if I were to go and sleep at the usual place since the previous night incident. Somehow after I walked past the spot to find another amongst the Bush shrubs, and found none adequate, I simply came back and crushed back in.  The following day it was as usual, I went back by the beach, placed my board beside the walkway path, and went to read Wild Justise by Wilbur Smith. One amongst the three ladies who drove me to open a case after the incident on…….. Came by and brought me a bag, with towel, toiletries and stuff and was very encouraging that things will eventually turn out well.

By this beach spot I had made several friends, including some who were likely homeless and could come by the shoe searching for shark teeth which I also had the habit to search from time to time.